Rideau Reflections


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Rideau Reflections is a musical tribute to the Rideau Waterway which was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. The Rideau Canal links Ottawa, Ontario to Kingston, Ontario and was opened in 1832 as a military supply route to bypass the St. Lawrence River. The 20 arrangements of popular melodies on this CD trace the history of the Rideau Canal and reflect the moods of the river and some of the events which take place on the waterway today. Produced as a commemorative CD the liner notes contain a short history of the Rideau Canal and explain how each melody relates to the waterway or its history.

Rideau Reflections contains 20 arrangements with a total playing time of over 60 minutes and is a fundraising project with all proceeds from the sale of the CD going to support the Rideau Seniors’ Centre.

Full Track Listing

  1. WINGS (2:02) W. J. Newstead, transcribed M. Luce, Boosey & Hawkes Ltd
  2. IRISH TUNE FROM COUNTY DERRY (3:23) Percy Grainger, arr. Paul Hanna, TBQ Press
  3. DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE (3:17) Traditional, arr. John Palmer, Solid Brass Music Co
  4. THE WATER IS WIDE (2:51) arr. Aaron Weitekamp, AnderKamp Music Publishing
  5. ROLLIN’ DOWN THE RIVER (2:59) Thos. Waller, arr. G. Major-Marothy, Redwood Music
  6. OL’ MAN RIVER (3:23) Jerome Kern, arr. Bob Lowden, Polygram International Publishing Inc
  7. SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (4:04) Nacio Herb Brown, arr. Alan Fernie, Obrasso-Verlag AG
  8. WATER MUSIC – HORNPIPE & BOUREE (2:26) G. F. Handel, arr. Nigel Simmons, NGS Music
  9. LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE (1:38) Russell, arr. Harold Gore, Harold Gore Publishing Co
  10. AT THE RIVER (2:38) R. Lowery, arr. Aaron Copland, transcribed by C. Peterson. Boosey & Hawkes
  11. WALTZING ON THE WATER (5:06) arr. Nigel Simmons, NGS Music
  12. MOON RIVER (3:39) Henry Mancini, arr. N. Simmons, Famous Music Corporation
  13. LIKE A RIVER GLORIOUS (2:44) by Dana F. Everson, 2002 Copyright by David E. Smith Publications, L.L.C., All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission
  14. MISTY (5:06) Errol Garner, arr. Alan Fernie, Obrasso-Verlag AG
  15. THUNDER AND LIGHTENING POLKA (3:12) J. Strauss, arr. Rudolf Korp & Erik Hainzl. Copyright 1995 by Ludwig Doblinger KG
  16. UP A LAZY RIVER (2:33) Hoagy Carmichael, arr. N. Simmons, Copyright Mills Music Inc
  17. RUBBER DUCKIE (2:18) Jeffrey Moss, arr. Bobby Scann, Manduca Music Publications
  18. SKATER’S WALTZ (2:44) E. Waldteufel, arr. K. D. Krueger, BVD Press
  19. PEACE LIKE A RIVER (2:30) Traditional, arr. Aaron Weitekamp, AnderKamp Music Publishing
  20. SUSSEX BY THE SEA (1:35) W. Ward-Higgs, arr. N. Simmons, NGS Music