New CD Released

The Manotick Brass Ensemble has released its third CD which was recorded to celebrate the ensemble’s tenth anniversary in 2013.  Titled “Joyful Reflections” the CD contains 18 musical selections which reflect many of the milestones during the ensemble’s ten year history.  Included are musical arrangements especially commissioned for the ensembles visits to Cuba in 2011 and Jersey UK in 2012.  “El Mambi” a traditional Cuban song was arranged for the Cuban trip and proved to be a hit with audiences wherever it was played in Cuba.  Included on the new CD is a live recording from the final Cuban concert by Manotick Brass which captures the audience response as they sang from the heart.  For the Jersey visit Manotick Brass commissioned a medley of songs associated with the sea and the seaside.  This rollicking arrangement has been a hit with audiences everywhere.

The CD also contains one song from each of the ensemble’s first two CDs in order to include players who are no longer with the ensemble.  Some of the key events reflected on the CD are Manotick Musicale, Canada Day, the 150th anniversary of Watson’s Mill as well as the 150th anniversary of the founding of the village of Manotick and the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II.  One track celebrates music making with friends and features an arrangement for brass and organ of “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” recorded at Glebe St. James United Church in Ottawa with organist Robert Palmai.

The eighteen tracks on “Joyful Reflections” provide sixty-four minutes of a wide variety of music.  The eight page insert explains how each of the songs relates to key events including many photographs.  Cost of the new CD is $15.00 and copies are available at Manotick Office-Pro or by email to

“Joyful Reflections” Play List

  1. Calling All Workers  (2:52) – Eric Coates – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  2. Spanish Eyes  (3:19) – Bert Kaempfert – arr. Alan Fernie
  3. CA-NA-DA  (2:21) – Bobby Gimby – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  4. You Made Me Love You  (3:04) –McCarthy & Monaco  – arr. Nigel Simmons
  5. Irish Tune From County Derry (3:23) – Percy Grainger – arr. Paul Hanna
  6. Scotland the Brave – Medley (5:41) – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  7. In His Hands – Traditional (2:43) – arr. Alan Fernie
  8. Keep Smiling Through – Medley (6:54) – arr. Nigel Simmons
  9. The Maple Leaf Forever (2:41) – Alexander Muir – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  10. Dancing With Guy  – Medley (5:08) – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  11. Be a Clown  (1:52) – Cole Porter – arr. Alan Fernie
  12. Mexican Folk Medley (2:31) -arr. Bert Mayer
  13. Greeting to Toronto Polka (2:54) – Hebert L. Clarke – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  14. El Mambi (3:57) – Luis Casas Romero – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  15. Walk by Sea –  Medley (5:48) – arr. Nigel Simmons
  16. Canadian Royal Salute (3:18) – Antoine Dessane – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  17. High Park March (2:25) – Charles Thiele – arr. E. F. Lloyd Hiscock
  18. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee  (3:32) – L. van Beethoven – arr. Tim Zimmerman