Manotick Brass in Ontario’s Wine Country

In August 2013 members of Manotick Brass travelled to Prince Edward County, the wine producing area on the shores of Lake Ontario.  The five day trip provided an opportunity for making music and visiting local attractions such as wineries and the famous Sandbanks beaches.   The group arrived on Thursday August 8 just in time to put in an appearance at the Quarter Moon Coffee House held at the old Town Hall in the picturesque village of Bloomfield. 

On Friday morning the ensemble headed to the Picton Public Library where they presented their acclaimed children’s program to a group of local children and their parents.  The library building resounded to the sound of brass music with the children joining in clapping, singing marching and eventually blowing the fanfare trumpets!

Introducing "What's the Buzz?!" at the Picton Library


Everyone joined in the lively Mexican finale!

Saturday’s playing activities centered on the Village of Wellington with an appearance at the local farmers market in the morning and a major public concert at Wellington United Church in the evening.  One of the highlights of the evening concert was the appearance of Daisy the cow who wandered into the church during the playing of the ragtime piece “Who Let the Cows Out?”  Daisy (played by Patty Floysvik) was such a hit that the Rev. Steve Spicer incorporated her into his Sunday morning sermon! 

Daisy the cow makes a surprise entrance

After participating in the Sunday morning service at Wellington United Church Manotick Brass headed to Waupoos Estates Winery for a Sunday afternoon concert in the vineyard.  Monday was set aside for wine tasting, bicycling and sightseeing.  A farewell dinner was held at the Bloomin Restaurant in Picton on Monday evening and the group travelled back to Ottawa on Tuesday in time for their regular Tuesday evening practice!

Manotick Brass entertains at Waupoos Estates Winery