MANOTICK BRASS WAS LIVE AT VIBRATION STUDIOS IN OSGOODE ON. https://www.facebook.com/959465570780639/videos/765369978194920/?cft[0]=AZXDpkS_n0dotzpWsbKNLsqBZkc2WCFPyQL4pkLIZ4ouKNoHFgMnEUx3i0UnqzYTM8Ews2VvmpcYNhdUdGh_wP6qpv48t3A9lB5owJ9TlX2aCLBfVMRN3sx4SiU0AOVeWh8JCPuSD6DKPs755rO-Ox_E2wgVWSKy_iMUXj7djOSq7-emEN1OiLY9Q8HDQUenTBs&tn=-UK-R

Celebrating Canada 150

Our new program to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary  titled “A Canadian Odyssey” was launched at very successful concert on June 24,2017 at Knox Presbyterian Church, Manotick.   This was an evening of all Canadian music which took the audience on a musical journey through confederation visiting each province as it came into the Canadian Confederation.  […]

A Toast to the Bard

January 25th is the birthday of the Scottish Bard Robbie Burns and we celebrated the event with an all Scottish musical program.  Our first concert took place in Richmond where we played for a luncheon organized by ROSSS, who support seniors in Southern rural Ottawa.  On Robbie Burns Day we presented our Scottish program to […]

“Songs of Christmas”

Our new Christmas CD titled “Songs of Christmas” was launched at a CD Release Concert held at Knox Presbyterian Church in Manotick on Saturday November 26, 2016.  Adding to the celebration were the Knox Church Choir and pianist Nathaniel Sargent.  The CD has been well received and sales have been brisk.  You can order your copy of […]

Magnificent Manotick Musicale!

Once again Manotick Brass delighted the audience at this year’s Manotick Musicale held May 7 at the United Church in Manotick.   The ensemble’s upbeat music was complimented by their stunning costumes simulating a colourful marching band.  The theme of the 2016 Manotick Musicale was the musical “Bye Bye Birdie” which was inspired by the phenomenon […]