Brass in Class

In early April Farley Mowat Elementary School resounded to the sound of brass.  During 2 workshops presented by Manotick Brass grade 3 students learned to buzz on trumpet mouthpieces and formed a class mouthpiece band.  Accompanied by Manotick Brass, the students participated in a rendition of “The Blue Danube”  filling in key notes on their mouthpieces!  

Buzzing is hard work
Buzzing is hard work

Having mastered buzzing on the mouthpiece the young students then got to play the fanfare trumpets.  In small groups of 5 or 6 students were given individual coaching by a member of Manotick Brass.  Everyone quickly learned to get a sound out of the trumpets and a number of students managed to blow several notes.  Having mastered the trumpet the students came together in groups of 4 to play their own fanfare.  Toy soldier hats added to the ceremonial atmosphere. 

Is that sound really me?

Following a question and answer period everyone put on some Mexican attire and was given a hand percussion instrument.  The lively Mexican Folk Song finale involving the entire class really brought home the message that music is fun!  Throughout the 2 workshops the hallways of the school resounded to the sound of brass music and drew a number of other class teachers in to inquire about presentations to their classes.

Music is Fun!