A Toast to the Bard

January 25th is the birthday of the Scottish Bard Robbie Burns and we celebrated the event with an all Scottish musical program.  Our first concert took place in Richmond where we played for a luncheon organized by ROSSS, who support seniors in Southern rural Ottawa.  On Robbie Burns Day we presented our Scottish program to a lively audience at Colonel By Retirement Residence in Ottawa.  There was a Scottish feel to the event with pipers parading the Haggis before the concert began.  There was even a  passionate recitation of Robbie Burn’s “Ode to the Haggis”!

Many of the tunes played by Manotick Brass were preceded by an introduction that explained the historical context of the music.  Many of the tunes were well known by the audience who joined in singing along with the brass players.

Following the concert everyone had an opportunity to raise a glass to the Bard himself!